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All Fresh

Case Study

Establishing a Distinctive and Impactful Social Media Identity for All Fresh

Zero One reinforces All Fresh’s brand image and engagement by the development and maintenance of its social media account.

Social Media Planning

creating fun and engaging social content tailored to the brand’s target audience.

Adding Customer Touchpoint

Expanding the brand’s reach to a wider audience with an all-new Instagram account.

Impactful Communication Strategy

Strengthening the brand’s image as a high- quality brand.

All Fresh

For more than a decade, All Fresh has been one of Indonesia’s leading fruit grocers with their branches across the Jabodetabek area, offering high-quality natural fruits and food products with premium quality.

Rise in Audience Engagement

87.4% growth in Instagram followers within one year.

Strong Brand Presence

Acquired a total of more than 14,000 Instagram followers and 130,000 profile views since May 2020.

Sustained Social Media Activation

Posted more than 400 pieces of original content on Instagram between May 2020 and January 2022.

The Challenge: Building a sustainable brand engagement and communication strategy through interactive and impactful social media content.

As one of the largest fruit grocers in Jakarta, All Fresh has been well-known for its high quality products in comparison to its competitors. Prior to the partnership with ZOD, the brand has already established an online presence through a very basic Facebook account. However, they did not have a specific team allocated to handle the account, which could benefit from more regular postings and interactions with its followers. Despite having more than ten thousand followers on Facebook, most of the brand’s interactions on the platform are primarily spam.
Zero One was approached by All Fresh to re-establish and strengthen the brand’s social media identity, with the goal of improving the brand’s overall brand image and audience engagement.

A target-specific social media channel

To strengthen its overall digital presence, ZOD launched All Fresh’s Instagram account from scratch to build momentum and maintain brand relevance. Zero One also developed a customised social media planning targeted specifically towards its target audience - mothers.

Engaging and in-depth content

Building on All Fresh’s core product, the brand’s Instagram posts include a fruit series (highlighting in-season fruits and their benefits), interactive games, and recipes - all posted every few days to keep the page exciting and up-to-date. ZOD also focused on user-generated campaigns through giveaway campaigns, which successfully encouraged followers to share their shopping experience at All Fresh. In addition to designing eye-catching graphics, ZOD regularly posts photographs that include human elements (All Fresh’s staff or customers), which has proven to boost high-levels of engagement.

Emphasis on brand value

ZOD used All Fresh’s Instagram account as a medium to reinforce its brand image by communicating the superior quality of its products to its audience.


ZOD continues to partner with All Fresh to maintain and support and develop its online presence and overall marketing strategy.

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