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Case Study

Advising on E-commerce Technical Performance

Zero One Consulting acted as C&F’s trusted advisor to suggest ways in which the company can improve the store’s e-commerce shopping experience.

E-commerce Performance Analysis

Comprehensive reports that help with decision making

Architectural Redesign

Redesigning for site efficiency and speed

Introducing Development Best Practices

Improving software development processes to manage results

C&F Store

C&F Store is a leading perfumery and beauty chain in Indonesia with approximately 150 stores nationwide. Featuring nearly over 100 brands, C&F offers a range of beauty products including fragrance, make-up, skincare and bodycare.

Improved Website Performance

Reduced bugs through environment management, code reviews and enforcement of critical paths

Effective Service Monitoring

prevent unnoticed incidents through speedy response.

Team Building

Help to structure a team of six that is in training to handle matters regarding technical support and management.

The Challenge: Improving the website performance and online shopping experience without a complete technical team

Prior to Zero One’s involvement, C&F experienced a lot of bug issues in their website and there were no formal processes on how to handle the issues. They understood that some of the bug issues are caused by unsuitable architectural designs. That being said, C&F is looking for specific Domain knowledge in architecture and scalability in order to address those issues.
As C&F’s technical advisor, Zero One helped to suggest how to restructure the website's architecture as well as helping C&F to prepare on how to effectively overcome potential issues in the future. Zero One did this through project management and software development business best practices.

Single source of truth

Zero One helped C&F to acquire resources that can help identify the source of bugs or errors.

Best practices

We advised them on the process that would help them reduce the amount of bugs


The processes that are in place are documented and continued to be worked on, which makes knowledge sharing easier.

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