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Bloomberg Philanthropies

Case Study
Jakarta Clean Air Partnership​
Zero One produced an approachable and educational animated video to support the launch of Jakarta Clean Air Partnership

A seamless, impactful video

Delivering quality visual content to mark the launch of the high-profile campaign

Original animation design

Captivating public and media’s attention for the campaign

Storyboard development

Created a strong storyboard tailored to the needs and mission of the Partnership


The Jakarta Clean Air partnership is an initiative launched by Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Government of DKI Jakarta, in partnership with Vital Strategies, in a joint effort to reduce air pollution and improve air quality in Jakarta by 2030. The campaign focuses on tracking air quality, identifying sources of air pollution, analysing policy solutions, and promoting public awareness of the health impacts of air pollution.

Publicity and Media Activation

The animated video was launched during the official press conference of the campaign and was well received and reported on by renowned media outlets including CNN Indonesia and The Jakarta Post.

Sustained Audience Engagement

The animation video has acquired over 40,000 likes on Gov. Anies Baswedan’s official Instagram account since its posting in September 2020.

Effective communication strategy

The animation brought the Partnership to life by explaining the campaign’s mission and the current state of Jakarta's air pollution to the wider audience.

The Challenge: Producing a high-impact animated video that can resonate with the target audience without diluting the message.

Zero One was approached by Bloomberg Philanthropies to create an animated video for the press conference launch of the Jakarta Clean Air Partnership as a way to raise awareness and deliver the campaign’s message to the public.
Given the international nature of the partnership, it is imperative that ZOD address any potential cultural gaps and create a video that the Indonesian public can relate to. This means creating a narrative that truly reflects the situation and diversity in Jakarta, all while conveying the campaign’s important message.

Close collaborative effort

Zero One needed to manage and consider the different requirements that each partnering organisation has for the video. Hence, they worked together with all the parties to capture the true essence and objective of the partnership.

Creating a thought-provoking and relatable video

ZOD created an animated video from scratch, with an original storyboard and animations that represent Indonesian landmarks, culture and diversity, all the while carefully framing its narrative, voice-over and local translation to resonate with both the local and international population.


The project marks the first of ZOD’s many collaborations with Bloomberg Philanthropies. The success of the Jakarta Clean Air Project inspired a similar initiative in Brussels, Belgium, creating another opportunity for ZOD to produce a creative solution for the organisation.

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