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Case Study

Exponential Growth in Social Media and Sales

Zero One developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to establish Naluri’s digital presence from scratch.

Social Media Management

Developed and launched a social media content strategy from zero

Custom E-Commerce Website

Created a custom e-commerce site tailored to the business needs

Integrated Marketing

Nurtured digital growth with paid advertising, SEO, and email marketing strategies

Naluri Official

Founded in 2020, Naluri is an online baby food company catered to working moms in the high-end Indonesian market that provides products such as frozen broths and sauces designed to meet the nutritional needs of babies during their first 1000 days of life.
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Exponential Growth in Social Media

More than 2,500 Instagram Followers in First 30 Days

E-Commerce Sales Growth

54% of Sales In First 2 Months Came Exclusively from E-Commerce Site

Sustained Sales Conversion

100% Month-to-Month Sales Growth in First 2 Months

The Challenge: Start from zero and sustain a digital presence in the competitive baby food industry

As a brand new company with zero digital footprint who was looking to sell their products online, Naluri needed to establish itself in the digital ecosystem in order to get the customers and audience they need for their business.
Zero One Digital was approached to launch Naluri’s brand through the development and maintenance of their social media accounts, e-commerce website, paid advertising, and email marketing campaign. The goal was to establish Naluri’s digital presence as a new face in the Indonesian baby food industry and boost their online sales.


Zero One worked closely and collaboratively with Naluri to develop their brand narrative online as well as the user journey of a consumer when visiting their e-commerce website. We built the site from scratch and guided the client through the technical details of setting up an e-commerce system.


Zero One launched the client’s Instagram account from scratch and developed both organic and paid digital marketing campaigns centered around Naluri’s core values of environmental responsibility, wholesome nutrition, made for convenience, and socially impactful.


In addition to e-commerce and social media, Zero One continued to support the brand online through a sustained email marketing strategy that is personalized to the customer’s buying habits.
Naluri Case Study
Naluri Case Study
Naluri Case Study

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