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ERP: Online Sales Fulfillment

Case Study

ERP Software as a Smart Solution to Online Sales

Zero One streamlines the online sales fulfillment process by implementing smart software and business management solutions through Odoo.

Smart Inventory Management

Inventory is automatically deducted upon successful delivery

Online Fulfillment Dashboard

A dashboard to track incoming replenishment, sales, purchase, and delivery orders

Easy Analysis Through Visualisation

Sales analysis is made easier through data visualisation in reports

Streamlining Inventory Management

Automated previously manual inventory management system

Validation of Deliver Orders

Created a system to validate deliveries and track order fulfillments

Analysis Dashboard & Platform

Easy-to-understand sales analysis through a comprehensive data platform

The Challenge: Modernizing a manual and handwritten inventory and sales fulfillment process

One of our clients is a supplier of sugary powders, syrups, coffee beans and sauces for F&B businesses in Jakarta.
As the client was expanding to a B2C business model, Zero One was approached to help the client develop their online sales procedure. We decided to use an ERP solution (Odoo) to streamline their order processes and handle the fulfillment of online sales.


Zero One listened and paid attention to our client’s unique pain points and business needs. Some of these include having a very manual process, no real-time inventory management, and a lack of reporting flow.


Zero One used Odoo, a business management software, to build a customisable smart software solution that provided real-time inventory management, which helped track order processes and delivery validations, as well as business reporting and auditing systems that improve their sales analysis.


Zero One believes in sustainable smart solutions, so we provided training for the client’s tech team so that they can learn how to maintain our solutions. We also made it easier for the team to analyse sales through data visualisation.
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