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Sebamed Indonesia

Case Study
Improving Competitiveness through Brand Awareness and Consumer Engagement
Through strategic marketing, Zero One helps Sebamed to improve its competitiveness in the local Indonesian market.

Social Media Planning

Significant growth in social media presence

Sales Channel Activation

Solid performance in online sales

Website & App Creation

Engaging consumers through online touchpoints


Sebamed is one of the world’s leading skin care line from Germany. With over 50 products in its portfolio, Sebamed is known for its range of scientifically-driven skincare solutions for all ages, including anti-aging eye cream, anti-drying body lotion and baby facial cream, which has been marketed in over 60 countries.

Surge in Social Media Followers

Followers increased by 50% and 21.6% for its adult and baby lines in the course of one year.

E-Commerce Sales Growth

42% increase of online sales within five months.

Adding Customer Touchpoints

Bringing consumer value through a revamped website and the launch of a brand new interactive app.

The Challenge: Increasing brand awareness and engagement for a foreign brand.

Though Sebamed was already an established skincare brand in the global market, Sebamed mainly sold its products through offline platforms, specifically in drugstores and hospitals.
As they seek to expand their share in the Indonesian skincare market, Sebamed approached Zero One to develop a marketing strategy that would strengthen their presence in both online and offline platforms, as well as strengthening the brand’s relatability amongst Indonesian consumers.

Customised marketing strategy

Zero One devised a comprehensive marketing strategy across Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, as well as launching email marketing and an influencer campaign to educate and engage Indonesian consumers about the brand in a fresh and effective manner.

Engagement through a revamped website and interactive app

Zero One redesigned the brand’s website and included a ‘skincare quiz’ that helps visitors select the most suitable Sebamed products for them. In addition, the Sebamed Baby Tracker was launched for parents to cherish and record their babies’ growth and development as memories.


Zero One continues to partner with Sebamed to maintain and support its marketing strategy across all platforms.

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